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Default Tilia FoodSaver parts

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limey wrote:
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I was hoping that someone, somewhere, has cataloged and inventoried
parts from such sources. In our area ... I've rarely seen and Tilia's
on the shelf.

Dee, was this the Foodsaver you recently bought? Has something gone

with it so soon? Is there a warranty of some type?

They made me a very similar offer when I called about repairs for an out
of warranty sealer. They refused to sell parts (all I needed is a length
of Teflon coated fiberglass tape) for home repair citing "liability". In
the end, I bought a Sinbo and gave one to each of my children, too.

You should have said so. The medical/dental industry has used heat sealer
for year. We use them to seal pouches of instruments before they go into
the autoclave. You can buy the Teflon tape from a dental supply house.

Take a look he

They have kits with heating elements and Teflon cloth (tape) starting at