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Default beef was Venison

"sarah" > wrote in message
> graham > wrote:
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>> I think we ought to change the subject, don't you?

> Oh, yes. Definitely.
> How about... on Thursday we took delivery of the first tranche of the
> 1/4 hereford cow we were privileged to buy from a friend who only
> slaughters one each year. Organic, grass-fed, properly hung, and cut to
> my specifications. We had our first taste of it on Friday, something
> I've never done befo 2kg sirloin roasted on the bone. It's wonderful.
> Only regret is that most of it is still in their freezers until we can
> get the wiring to the garage sorted and put a chest freezer in :-(

I buy my beef, chicken and eggs from a farming couple who received their
organic licence earlier this year. I'm now trying to find a source of good
pork with the skin still on! The supermarkets get theirs ready trimmed so
even if it is labelled organic, I can't make crackling:-(