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Following up to Peter Ward

>>Most of the things I do with venison seem to involve chocolate
>>and a little chilli. Parsnips are often included and sometimes
>>black beans. I have a regular supply of venison sausages which
>>seem to go well with broad beans and some root vegetables.

>Do tell more. I love chicken mole, and hope to get some venison next
>week. Your idea starts excellently, goes downhill slightly in the
>middle and improves again towards the end (I detest parsnips).

nothing complex, I just add a little chocolate/chilli mix from a
jar (proprietary but Waitrose stopped doing it so home made next
time) to a stew, I do the same with chilli con carne. I keep
meaning to make mole. Somebody posted a recipe a while ago.

>Actually, thinking about your avowed preference for savoury over sweet
>(elsewhere), I'm surprised at the parsnips. It's their excessive
>sweetness I don't like. I don't like sweet potatoes for the same
>reason, and carrots are not very well favoured here, either.

I don't mind a bit of sweetness, I often add fruit to game main
courses, various berries work well with venison BTW. If calories
didnt exist I would probably be eating desserts (in fact I'd
probably be eating all the time!), but as they do puddings were
the first to go (no, snack bars were the first to go) . Sort of
cost/benefit analysis. I've enjoyed steamed pudding with golden
syrup and a bottle of Sauterne in the days I was running 40 miles
a week, but not now! :-(
Come to think of it sweet veg are amongst my favourites (inc
carrots and s pots), so perhaps they satisfy a need for sugar?
Although I once took advice to add honey to cooking parsnips,
that was OTT.
Mike Reid
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