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Default How should I keep noodles hot for a buffet?

In article , "hob" wrote:
Thinking about it now, I would guess that the starch on the noodle sticks
when warm, so if you cool the cooked noodles in running cold water without
draining, they wouldn't stick. Then drain them and toss them cooded with
some olive oil (or butter).
Except you end up with cool noodles, and you need to re-warm them some
(without water in the boiling kettle) for the buffet tray.

I've seen recipes where washing *spag* in cold water after cooking is
part of the process to stop the stuff glugging. At the time, I sort
of thought it *might* get warmed enough for eating when you stirred in
the hot bol sauce. But now I'm wondering if it was just used when the
spag was intended for serving cold with salad etc. [All of which is
probably irrelevant for noodles. %-) ]

Cheers, Phred.