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Default How should I keep noodles hot for a buffet?

"Melba's Jammin'" ha scritto nel
messaggio ...
In article ,
"Pandora" wrote:
You can use two baking-pan . The first, bigger than the second one, with
very hot water inside. In the second one, smaller then the first and with
lid over, you put noodles. In this way your noodles will stay hot.

Also called bain-marie, or a double boiler to the American heathens. My
chafing dish can function like that -- either over water or over direct
heat. Versatile.

I wasn't speaking of the real bain-marie. Bain-Marie is when the fire is
lighted under the first bigger pot. When you want to keep cool pasta or
other cooked dish you make a sort of "bain-marie" yes, but without fire, to
avoid your dish go on with cooking...