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Kate Connally
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Default A Modest Proposal

Melba's Jammin' wrote:

Without moving from my seat I can think of these pastas in my larder:
Orzo, vermicelli, umbria, shells, fusilli, ditalini, elbow spaghetti,
rings, capellini. OK, I got up and looked. I also have little teeny
stars, something shaped sort of like a conch shell. orrechiette,
corkscrews and some linquine.

How do you use what you have? I propose a submission of recipes using
the pastas and these 'rules': Each post should have a recipe and the
subject line should indicate the type of pasta used, and each post
should contain REC to indicate there's a recipe included. E.g., REC:
Spaghetti - Spaghetti Bravissimo. I'm suggesting separate posts for
each recipe so that the ****ing contests that are sure to ensue will be
appropriately placed. Maybe it will contain the drift a bit. I'll go
first. :-)
-Barb, updated 2-19-04 -- Dufus picture posted!

Hah! I have not one single type of pasta in my
cupboard. Until 2 weeks ago I had some tarhonya but
used it up to make Hungarian sauerkraut soup. I love
pasta but seems I don't make it very often. And what
I usually have, when I have it it plain old spaghetti.
Sometimes I buy frozen ravioli or frozen or boxed
tortellini. I use rice or potatoes much more often.
Once a year I make homemade noodles for turkey noodle
soup. But I was just thinking lately that I hadn't
made spaghetti in a long time and that I should make
some some day soon.
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