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Well today started at 0500 with the arlarm clock going off. Then I got
breakfast for both of us. We took our meds and then got dressed, made sure
we had our passports and waited for Mum and Dad to turn up.

06.00 they turned up and we set off for Folkstone, we arrived a bit early
for our 08.31 shuttle so we had coffee and cake. We then joined the queue
to board the shuttle.

The shuttle left on time and we arrived in Calias at 10.10 local time, we
then disembarked and set off for Boulouge. We arrived there at about 10.40.
We parked up and set off to start the shopping spree.

First on the agenda was to get the wine and drinks, this took a while as
there are loads of wine to check out.

The drink and stuff was taken back to the car and we thought right time for
lunch. The restarant is called Flunch and what you do is select your own
starter from a cart, you make it up yourself from various different salads.
You take this to the checkout and order your main course. I went for Assita
Texan - a burger with bacon and egg. You then pay for your meal and you get
a ticket with your selection on and which bay to get it. Once you have your
meal you help yourself to chips, mash, and vegetables.

Next came the fresh and canned shoppping. We wandered around selecting the
stuff we wanted. Mush went for some french crispy things that we cannot get
over here and we both went for some lovely choccy.

Again after paying for it all we loaded up the car which took some as we had
quite a bit what with Mum and Dad's shopping.

My back was starting to hurt as we went around so I had a couple of pain
killers which helped, I also snuck off for a sitdown.

We then went for a coffee and snack, we were a bit early to head back for
our return trip as it was booked about 3 hours away. But Dad said lets try
it anyway. We got to the terminal and they had space on the next two
shuttles so we opted for the second one. This allowed Dad to buy some fags
for a friend.

The queue to get on was long and slow because the French customs were
searching a load of cars. But we got on and were the last ones to board,
The shuttle left at 16.30 local time and we arrived back in the UK at 16.10.

The next stop was for dinner - Harry Ramsdens - I went for the beef and
vegetable pie with chips and peas, and a pot of tea. Once this was consumed
it was continue home and type out this report.

Oh nearly forgot, I bought some French Christmas beer after having a taster
and it is great. I bought a few home (of course)

John H