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Default wife swap vegan episode

rick wrote:

"Glorfindel" wrote in message


Yes, it is. If it were not for consumers of factory-farmed
there would be no factory-farmed meat.

Hey, what a coincidence, killer. If consumers of factory-farmed
veggies didn't buy them there'd be no demand for them, and
millions upon millions of animals that YOU kill would still be

Aside from the personal attack on me, you are correct. Efforts
should be made to decrease the number of collateral deaths in
large-scale vegetable farming also. Both are a side-effect
of modern technological methods in agriculture.

Really? Sounds like your propaganda spew, again, hypocrite...
Not all meat comes from these so-called factories. All of your
veggies do though, hypocrite.

That is not true, nor could you prove it were true in any
individual case.