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Fred Ma
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Default Repost: Seeking instruction manual for Admiral "R2424 T" oven

Sorry for the repost, but the original thread was cancelled due to
crossposting. Here is a summary of the thread.


Newsgroups: ott.general,,
Subject: How to get instruction manual for Canadian Admiral "R2424 T" oven
Fred wrote:
> Canadian Admiral Corporation doesn't seem to exist anymore.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

Viviane wrote:
> Have you done a google? It's amazing what's lurking around the internet.
> You might even find if someone has taken them over and kept details.

Frederic Ouellet (Cynthia) wrote:
> ebay. That's how I got my car manual!

Fred wrote:
> Yes, and a Canada411 lookup. It seems that Whirlpool acquired certain
> assets of Admiral (paraphrasing here), that Admiral was involved in
> some litigation-type stuff, and that they also dealt in radioactive
> materials. Though I will contact whirlpool, I'm not expecting a whole
> lot from that because a google search doesn't turn up anything on the
> model R2424 T. I get the feeling it's quite old. However, I'm there
> must be many such ovens floating around. Just trying to figure out
> how to use mine. (It may be that the "flight panel" controls are
> quite common to ovens in general.)

Jim wrote:
> Found this on a site that sells Admiral Appliances. You can try and see if
> they may be of any assistance.
> Want to speak to a person regarding Admiral Appliances ?
> Then call the Admiral Sales Line on 0870 011 6246
> (Monday-Friday 9.30am till 5.30pm)

Thanks Jim. I'll try them if Whirlpool doesn't work out. If anyone in the
Ottawa (Canada) region has one and doesn't mind me copying it, let me know.