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Mark Lipton
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Default TN: Costieres white, Argentina Tempranillo, and an appelationcalled Maurice?

DaleW wrote:
Monday Betsy called and needed a white wine for cooking, I talked her
around the cheap end of the cellar. The $4-on-closeout 2001 Campuget
Blanc (Costieres de Nimes) was the choice. When I arrived home, I
sampled. Some early bottles had been good, but last couple showed a
little oxidation. This one , however, was crisp and clean, but no
oxidized notes. Light floral white with ample acidity and pleasant
finish. Another sip the following night showed it holding on well.

Coincidentally, I opened a bottle of the '03 Viognier de Campuget that I
picked up on sale at Sam's a while back, but alas it was corked. I'm
trying the Jamie Goode Saran wrap trick on it. However, the '04 Pepiere
that we opened tonight from our freshly arrived CSW CARE package was
perfect, though I'm going to have to smell more crushed seashells to
fully appreciate Muscadet, I fear. ;-)

Mark Lipton