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Default Nori snacks

While we were in Seoul we came to enjoy the magnificent and ubiquitous
sushimi. One of the best, and cheapest, treats was the fast-food lunch
treats. They were only to be found in ethnic Korean supermarkets, so I
don't know what they should be called in English.

They were the size of two and a bit packs of cards, in plastic wraps,
with different colours and Korean text telling you, presumably, what was
in them. For us, each was a lucky dip and everyone was tasty and a lunch
time experience.

On returning, I've tried a few times to recreate these with each attempt
a failure.

Finally I've managed to recreate them perfectly. I share my discovery.
No doubt others have managed this in an appropriately ethnic way, but my
disaster with the sushi rice on the stove leads me to believe that my
solution is worth mentioning. If you don't like it then don't do it!

I took sushi rice, a few handfuls, added three times their volume in
water, some strong Japanese rice wine, a dash or two of soy sauce and
gave it fifteen minutes in the microwave (five on megahot, ten on level
two). Out came a nicely glutinous but separate rice mixture that I put
in the 'fridge for two hours.

I had some very fresh tuna from the Salt River market, cut into small
cubes and lashed with soy sauce, wasabi, pepper, fresh lime juice, and
Thai fish sauce. I had some very ripe avocado treated the same way.

I filled a large cup sized bowl with rice, added the tuna and avocado,
topping it up with rice to the top. This was upended on top of the nori
that was then wrapped neatly about it making a black parcel.

Eaten in the hand, it was exactly the taste experience I remember.

Once you've got this right, adding chillies, anchovies, chives, lemon
slices, capers or what you will will only enhance the experience.

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