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"vicki nixon" wrote in message
i've been searching and got no where,
does anyone know how to make soft chewy fudge rather than crumbly melt in
the mouth fudge is it the recipe or the temp ?
any help would be great oh and while i'm here i tried to make caramel
flavour fudge using brown sugar but it tasted bitter any help here would


For creamy fudge that is nearly fool proof, try one that uses marshmallow
cream. I know, there are purists who will claim that such a confection is
not REAL fudge. I'm not disputing that. Call it what you want, the no-fail
"fudge" made with marshmallow cream is soft and luscious, unlikely to
crystallize into a grainy lump, and isn't very technique sensitive.

Here are some recipes:

You can vary the fudge by substituting the type of chocolate you use and
what you mix into it at the end. Black walnuts are interesting. Crushed
peppermint candy in dark chocolate, bits of candied orange peel, ... use
your imagination.

You could also use brown sugar instead of white sugar, and substitute while
chocolate to make your brown sugar fudge. To intensify the brown sugar
flavor, you might add a tablespoon of molasses.

Try looking for "penuche" recipes for your brown sugar fudge.