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Rudy Valencia
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I remember the one in my town (from the late 80's to about 1990), it
was for the most part a cafeteria-line, but the decor may have been
different than what you remember, "JimmyG". I remember it like this (my
memory /is/ a bit hazy, so I may be getting a few things wrong but here

It was a mid-size, white building with blue trim.

The logo was the words "King's Table" written in a script-like font
with two horizontal lines above and below the wording (I think they
were part of the logo, but I am not all that sure).

You'd go in, and the place had the typical "false" tile ceiling, with
recessed lighting. The walls were your typical "drywall w/ spackling"
affair, nothing too fancy.

You'd pay for your meal up front, and then enter a "cafeteria-line"
arrangement. I am not sure if you got served - or served yourself - but
anyway, the wall behind the line was tile and I think it had neon
lighting on it.

You'd take a seat at an empty table/booth, the tables were stained (as
in finished - not dirty) wood, and the booths were blue vinyl.

There's some things I can't remember; the restaurant closed in 1990 and
the building was converted to an Old Chicago
( circa 1992. I don't think it was local
(unlike the previously-mentioned restaurants), it seemed to run in more
of a "managed" fashion, like how national chains run. It may very well
have been one, time only knows.

Anyway I think I ran this post aground too much, rudyvalencia signing