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I'm taking my first Wilton cake decorating course and I'm having fun
learning new things. For the course we have to make this buttercream which
is mostly made up of vegetable shortening & icing sugar it's great for
piping flowers & doing th boarders & of course frosting the cake. But I
don't like the idea of all that shortening..

I think what you sorely need as a beginner is some words of advice not
new materials to play upon your fledgling capability..

There are some modification of the formulations where you can use
butter and shortening blend or even other form of buttercream. where
pure butter is used; but that knowldedge should be better be learned
when you are already competent with your decorating ability.
I would say that you better improve your skills first before you jump
on more challenging materials for your icings and cakes..There is
nothing wrrong with a shortening based icings if your are still
developing your skills
If you find that the cakes appear fragile for your icing chore;
practice on a styropor cake look alike cut outs before you try on real
.. Once you attained the confidence and improved your skill you can then
jump in doing it on real stuff!
The common defect of beginners is too much initial confidence
grin..which usually is just a flash in the pan.
...That is not good for building your skill.if you had a long term goal
to be a competent cake decorator be patient . Cake decorating is one of
those endeavors where patience, carefully developed skill and
attentions to detail is more important than jumping from one product to
another and untrammeled enthusiasm.
Meanwhile ;;;
Bexed cakes can be rectified by modifying the make up formulations to
make it stronger for decorations
I think there is book devoted to such kind of cake mix doctoring.
Find it.