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One time on Usenet, Don Gray said:
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Limey wrote
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I found it hard to make a big container of the stuff, no matter how
much I added, it kept being just tomato juice. Finally I gave it a
bunch more Worcestershire and tabasco, threw in some onion powder and
cajun spice and la de da! Was pretty darn good. Better be, I still
have a bunch left.

I like it with V-8 juice, rather than tomato (more flavor).

Ne, too! I never buy tomato juice, only V-8.

I've heard the expression V-8 used quite a few times in the past few weeks
but can't fit it into any category which I know. Can you please explain what
it stands for? It sounds like a car engine capacity :-) I have difficulty
sometimes trying to interpret words in English even though I am English born
and bred ;-)

It's a brand name of tomato-based vegetable juice sold in the U.S.:

It's good stuff; I've never had a home-made Bloody Mary, so I'm
not sure how that would taste. Last time I had one while out was
several years at Manresa Castle (Port Townsend, WA). I think the
bartender hit the bottom of their bottle of Bloody Mary mix -- it
was waaaaay over-seasoned and barely drinkable. Kind of spoiled
my taste for them...

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