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Nancy Young wrote:
"Wayne Boatwright" wrote

On Sun 11 Sep 2005 11:29:56a, limey wrote

"Nancy Young" wrote

much I added, it kept being just
tomato juice. Finally I gave it a bunch more
Worcestershire and tabasco, threw in some onion
powder and cajun spice and la de da! Was pretty
darn good. Better be, I still have a bunch left.

I like it with V-8 juice, rather than tomato (more flavor).

Ne, too! I never buy tomato juice, only V-8.

Now, where were you two when people told me no V8,
tomato juice! Huh, huh, huh?


I told you V-8! I did, I did! Even the low-salt (since you said it was too
salty). Sheesh