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Lara Burton
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"Mike Petro" wrote in message
On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 02:49:50 GMT, "Lara Burton"

To best answer that please tell us a bit about your tea experience.

Have you tried any peurhs at all yet?

only a black cooked loose from Rishi. but I loved it and this ng raves so
much about pu that I'd like to learn more

Do you prefer black teas or green teas?

greens mostly, some whites (some reason I love Indian whites) I don't drink
blacks. Just habit, I suppose.

Do you currently use loose leaf or teabags?

loose only.

What type of brewing equipment do you own?

Two ceramic tea pots and an Inginuitea. I am seriously considering a gong

$100 is a large budget for a first time around. Why so much? Are you
looking for a selection?

$100 is a nice round number. I usually drop about $70 on a green tea order.
With the $100, those who think I need "a really good tea" can refer me to
one special cake, while others can refer me to several lower priced samples.
I am looking only to experience pu er. Variety of lower priced, single
higher priced, whatever. I want the experts to advise. I will consider all
the suggestions, weigh the issues, etc and finally purchase several samples
at my discrection.

Thanks for your response

Mike Petro
"In this work, when it shall be found that much is omitted, let it not be
forgotten that much likewise is performed."
Samuel Johnson, 1775, upon finishing his dictionary.