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Randall Nortman
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On 2005-08-23, Raelene wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering how to go about cleaning a dirty bread/cutting board. It's
been left on the sink & the end touching the stainless steel has (in parts) gone
dark brown & there are spots of mould growing on it.

Also, I have bought a good quality one (round) & was wondering about 'preparing'
the board & keeping it in good condition.

Others have suggested bleach to kill the mold. I would suggest
hydrogen peroxide as a less toxic, more environmentally-friendly
alternative. You can economically buy pretty big bottles of it at
larger pharmacies. It's a bit less deadly to mold and other critters
than chlorine bleach, so use it in higher concentrations (the straight
3% it's usually sold in is probably good) and allow it to soak in a
bit longer. I doubt it even needs to be rinsed from the board before
letting food touch it; just let it dry thoroughly.