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Rick & Cyndi
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Vox Humana" & Cyndi" chatted about Waterless


Well... I have the distinct advantage of being a former salesman
of Waterless cookware back in the 80s - but it was for a short
time because I didn't like the way the way they were priced and I
wasn't going to try to force somebody to pay for something that
even I couldn't afford. I was one of those few, hard to find
salesman that refused to do those hard sales...! I treated
everyone the way I would want to be treated. Period! By the
same time, I vowed that if I ever could get the cookware at a
decent price I would do it - in a heartbeat!

Many years later, I found that there were/are several sellers on
E-Bay that sell it for only $200.00 I got them and I love them.
I've never had any problems with mine and every set that I've
seen (by various companies) have great warrantees (sp?)... any of
those people that complained about loose handles (or anything
else) should have contacted either their sales rep or the
specific company and I'm willing to bet those pieces would have
been replaced.

Waterless cookware is similar to anything else you want to buy,
in the sense that you have to shop around. You can buy a
spoonrest at some fancy-schmancy store for $ 20.00 and you can
buy one that probably looks the same at Wal-Mart for $3.00 . The
name on the underside will be different but the construction and
quality are most likely similar. My $200. set of cookware looks
pretty close to the same thing I sold in the 80s which had a
price of... IIRC $ 1147.00 !! ... the steam release valve and
the brand name are different but it performs exactly the same.
The big difference was back then, I went into somebody's home and
showed the cookware. If they bought it 5 people in the office
made a commission... the set I bought @ E-bay paid the one person
I bought it from (and technically, the manufacturer she got it
from). With "KitchenCraft" you're paying for the guy to get a
booth (or amphitheatre) at an event and paying for his commission
and several of the people above him, at his home office... The
price bites because you're not "just" paying for the cookware.

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