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Rick & Cyndi
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Vox Humana"

: The price is only one issue here. I have looked at a number of
sites of
: manufacturers of this stuff. It is basically multi-ply
cookware like
: All-Clad. There is nothing that I can see that would make it
any more
: waterless or oil-less than other SS cookware. In fact, nearly
every person
: who complains about it says that food sticks to it. That would
: consistent with trying to cook in a SS pan without any oil or
water. The
: way that the pans are sold is not only expensive but it relies
on making
: false and deceptive claims to coerce people into buying the
stuff and
: justify the exorbitant price. I disagree that the product
isn't part of
: the problem. Apparently it doesn't perform as advertised. It
may be as
: good as cookware that costs less and doesn't claim that it
saves energy,
: improves your heath, cleans better than other cookware, and can
be use
: without water or oil. The problem is that it is faulty with
respect to the
: claims made about its features and benefits. That is costs a
small fortune
: due to the method of distribution only adds insult to injury.

So "who" is complaining about Waterless cookware sticking? I
have it and have NEVER had a problem with sticking... and as I
have REPEATEDLY stated, I did NOT pay a fortune for it because I
bought mine from a non-demo source. I have yet to see any faulty

I have it, I use it, and KNOW first-hand how the cookware
performs... perfectly!

What I really dislike about these Waterless threads is all of
the negative statements from people that have never even cooked
with the cookware. If you don't know FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE -
then friggin' say so and quit talking out your asses! I am sick
and tired of people using superior tones about shit they don't
know a damn thing about! If you DON'T KNOW then don't try to
pass it off as though you do.

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