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On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:49:50 -0500, dwacon. wrote:

40lbs of good smokey oak lump for $13 here is California. Better'n RO

If only you could run your car on it... rather than the nearly $4/gallon

Actually, you can. Or could rather. In Norway where I am from originally
people had cars during World War II that ran on wood chunks. These cars
had a "generator" on the back where they threw the wood chuncks in. It
burnt and generated gases the car ran on. This fuel was called "knott".
This was the only available fuel back then. All the gasoline and oil
products went to the nazi occupants. The only picture I could find is of
a bus with a generator on the back:

Would be a dream machine for the BBQ fanatic: A self propelled pit!