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Harry Demidavicius
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On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 02:11:33 GMT, "Edwin Pawlowski"

"frohe" wrote in message
The smoker temp looks good but I seldom take my briskets past 190.

So do I when I'm awake. When I sleep a little longer, they can go a little
hotter. They are far from dried out though.

Funny you should pose this question now. This past weekend we were down
to Austin and stopped in at the Rudy's in Round Rock. I got to talk with
the manager about his BBQ operation and he said they buy the cheap
briskets also. So, take all this for what it's worth.

I like the lower price, but there is a cost to it. I get the $1.99 briskets
at a place north of me that I'm near frequently so little time/gas to go
there. The cheaper briskets are in the opposite direction and a 50 mile
round trip. At 33 a mile that comes to $16.50 to save $9.50 on a brisket.
In addition, we stopped for dinner and that added another 50 bucks to the
total cost.

Sounds like my kind of 'savings' plan, Ed. I usually pick up my butts
& briskets from a client who runs a restaurant. So I get them at half
price. And then there's the price of the dinner for two . . . .