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Lew Bryson
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Adam Hunt wrote:
I can't remember where exactly but sometime recently on the Idiot
Box(tm) I heard about horseradish infused vodka. I'd never really
thought about infusing my own vodka but horseradish just sounds too
good to pass up (I love horseradish). Can anyone give me any pointers
on how best to do it, how much horseradish to use, etc.?

I had an excellent home-made horseradish vodka about two years ago, but the
maker swore me to secrecy. You need sliced fresh root, decent vodka, and a
certain amount of a common secret ingredient that is legal to add to
commercial flavored vodkas. A little research in the federal (U.S.) regs
should give you a start. Sorry to be a tease, but I did promise the guy not
to divulge the recipe. I'd consider it, but he's widely rumored to be a
retired CIA operative, so I'm playing it safe.

Lew Bryson

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