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donald girod wrote:

Our 8 bushes have yielded a lot of berries this summer and we would like
a suggestion for ways to enjoy some of them now so that we don't have
to freeze them all. We usually make blueberry pie and blueberry
muffins, but would appreciate another suggestion that uses a bunch of

I like a thing that I call "kind of trifle" because it's not exactly
like the trifle that I've had from other folks. I layer lady fingers
(or sponge cake if I have some), Bird's custard, unsweetened whipped
cream (whip it myself), any kind of berries, and sauce made with the
same berries. I think this would be excellent with just lots of
blueberries. I usually use a combination of raspberries, blackberries,
and strawberries, sometimes with some blueberries thrown in.

Haven't made this in a long time. May give it a shot later this week.