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S'mee [AKA Jani]
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One time on Usenet, levelwave said:

Incidentally, if I do want a cold drink when out, I find the best thing
to do is to go to a supermarket and get a can or bottle of drink, and
then place it betwixt the bags of ice in the ice cabinet for a few
minutes before taking it to the checkout.

I prefer all of my drinks, outside of beer (wine) to have lots'a
ice-cubes. Pouring a cold Coke into ice filled glass doesn't water it
down enough to fret in the time it takes me to drink it...

Speaking of watering down, I wondered the other day why one couldn't
use frozen grapes (a favorite snack) in place of ice cubes, 'cuz they
wouldn't water down a drink. Too bad the shape makes them a choking

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