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Von Fourche
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"Gunther Anderson" wrote in message
Von Fourche wrote:


Ok, I know how to bring water to a boil (when it all bubbles) but

does it mean to simmer and then skim it? After it boils then how do I

about simmering it and skimming it?

Simmer is just a very low boil. So you stir in your sugar when it's
fully boiling, and then lower the heat so you have smaller and much less
energetic bubbles. As for skimming it, there's probably a thin film of
crystallized sugar on the top. Use a big cooking spoon to remove it.

Also, do stores even sell gomme syrup for drinks?

Is there a better way to make this syrup?

Thanks for the info and help!

Don't sweat the details. Boiling water and sugar doesn't need to be
perfect. For liqueurs, I simply put the sugar and water in a sauce pan
and turn on the heat. The water won't truly boil until all the sugar
has dissolved. When it's boiling (and clear), I turn off the heat, let
it cool, and use it. No simmering, no skimming. Your thin film is just
sugar, so (a) it will re-form every time your syrup is exposed to air,
and (b) it'll dissolve happily into whatever you mix it with.

I've never run into the word gomme before, though. Just "Simply syrup".
You can also go 1-to-1 sugar to water for some other recipes.

Gunther Anderson

Thanks for the info!

Another question - how important is it to use fresh squeezed lime
compared to lime in a bottle like a bottle of "Real Lime" found in grocery
stores? Will the lime taste the same in a tropical drink?