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Default Cold drinks

Does anyone know why it is so darn difficult to get a really cold drink
when away from home. At home, no problem--I come in from working
outside in 95 degree heat and take a heavy glass tumbler from the
freezer, fill it with peach flavored Arizona diet black tea from the
fridge, and I have a darn cold refreshing drink.

In a restaurant or fast food place, can you get a cold glass of tea or
soda? Hell, no. All you will get is a styrofoam cup with warm drink and
lots of ice cubes, which not only don't do a very good job of cooling
the drink, but also dilute it and destroy the flavor.

I don't drink sodas, but what do Coca Cola Classic cognoscenti think
about having their favorite beverage diluted with melted water?

So is there some commercial advantage to diluting drinks with ice
instead of serving drinks that are really cold? It occurs to me that
maybe the advantage lies in serving what looks like a huge drink, but
is really a small one filled out with lots of hollow ice cubes, but
this is purely speculation. Any ideas?

Incidentally, if I do want a cold drink when out, I find the best thing
to do is to go to a supermarket and get a can or bottle of drink, and
then place it betwixt the bags of ice in the ice cabinet for a few
minutes before taking it to the checkout.