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Mineral Waters of the World
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Default Rate Your Favourite Mineral Water

Dear all is a free consumer database of more than 3'000 mineral
waters from all around the world, online since 1996 (URL:

We are always happy to receive new consumer ratings of the listed waters, or
tips regarding brands we have overlooked so far.

Each listed water is presented on an indivual page, if available with the most
recent analysis of contents, brand image, URL and consumer ratings.

Should you have special dietary needs, you can sort the brands by content to
find the most suitable water for your requirements.

If you are interested in the topic of mineral waters as a whole, you might
enjoy a look at our "Facts and Fiction" section, providing information, e.g.,
about minerals and health, and links to downloadable research papers.

In a special project, partnered the Institute of Plant
Nutrition and Soil Science, Federal Agricultural Research Center (FAL),
Braunschweig (Germany), which performed independent analyses on some of the
world's most popular waters. The results of this project are published on our

If you love mineral water as much as we do, come by soon!



Mineral Waters of the World