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Steve Wertz
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Default I'm not a "troll" "SuperMarket Me" - A documentary on my health problems from eating supermarket food

On 28 Jan 2004 15:25:39 -0800, (Geoff
Miller) wrote:

Wrong metaphor. Trolling is a type of fishing that involves
running a boat at low speed while trailing a baited hook
through the water. In the Usenet sense, trolling means
"fishing" for emotional responses.

Your "mythical beings who live under bridges and waylay
hapless travelers" interpretation is a common misunder-
standing. It's what causes so many people to erroneously
refer to people who troll as "trolls." The correct term
is *troller.* A troll is a provocative article posted by
a troller, just as a hack is an ingenious stunt performed
by a hacker.

Whatsamatta Geoff - Lobotomy? Shock treatments? Body snatchers?