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Depends on what you are going in for. Are you going to make a great tasting
tea, or making tea in a good yixing pot? Real original clay is difficult to
obtain nowadays and most of what are available in the market - as we are
informed - are adulterated (in clay) pieces.

I go for making a good tasting tea first, and then go for a pot that will
carry out that purpose best. And that has to fall on one's experience with
playing around with pots. Try using different pots on the same tea, and
after a while you'll get the 'instinct' honed.

As for telling teas apart, it has much also to fall on experience and
personal preference. Pu'er is another tea that has seen many fakes in the
market, and some fakes I have tried actually tasted better than the original
production. So where do we go from there? To buy the original which is an
inferior tea to the fake, or the fake?

Experience and personal preference I guess play an important role in the


"Mydnight" wrote in message
Ok. I'm sure this problem has vexed many a tea drinker, so I figured
I'd throw the question for the public's scrutiny. How do you KNOW that
what you have is real or the quality that's been promised? I am
referring to the yixing pots, mostly, but this question can also stem
to pu'er or whatever else teas you can consider as easy to cheat with.

I'm really curious about your take on the yixing, though. Let's hear