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"Space Cowboy" wrote in message

I thought the tea plant would go to seed if left on it's own.

Tea seeds in Uji have 1 cm of diameter, and they appear when the leaves are
old and thick at the end of Summer.
It's much bigger than your pods. I don't know for other sorts of tea bush,
but that seems unlikely.
They may have used the young tips not fully developped.

The TKY is not flavored with anything because I drink the
Orthodox versions enough.

Tea flavored tea ? They coat it with the powder of the same tea ? I don't
know what that would bring exactly, but my supermarket now sells wulong and
TGY in shape of mini tuo-chas, because it looks cool and it's convenient (
dosed for one standard pot, easy to carry). Maybe the coating protects the
leave from staling.