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Alex Rast
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Default Guittard gourmet bittersweet

at Sun, 02 May 2004 07:48:35 GMT in >,
(Blake Jones) wrote :

>>> there's a retailer here that's selling partial slabs of Domori's
>>> Carenero Superior couverture

>> Are you sure this is the Carenero Superior varietal? TTBOMK Domori
>> sells blocs of the Grand Blend, Esmereldas, and Sur Del Lago but I've
>> never seen Carenero Superior offered in bloc form.

>I happened to be in the store a couple weeks ago just as the proprietor
>was unpacking and opening the box of bars, and I saw that it was
>labelled by Domori as Carenero Superior. Domori mentions it on their
>web site too, under "All Chocolate" -> the "Couvertures" pull-down.

OK, a mystery solved! I never did see anything other than a picture if I
click on "All Chocolate". I just assumed, for many months, that Domori's
site was either a work in progress or relatively sparse. But now it's clear
that this is yet another manifestation of an irritating Web navigation
problem I've got. Most sites with JavaScript pulldowns, I can't access.
(Whine: why is it that so many sites are giving no option but to use a
JavaScript pulldown menu to navigate their site? My problem, as it turns
out, is highly technical (i.e. not a browser incompatibility), but can't
more Web site designers be sensitive to the fact that there *are* other
users out there with incompatible browsers, for whom the simple inclusion
of a text menu as an alternate navigation method would end user
frustration, and give their site more hits, as well as more business to
their company?) Domori's site is perverse because I can navigate certain
parts, leading to the impression that nothing's wrong, but obviously,
there's a lot of invisible stuff.

Now that I know it's available, however, shouldn't be too hard for me to
track down the chocolate.

Alex Rast

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