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D. Gerasimatos
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In article >,
Tom S > wrote:
>I see your point, which is certainly valid. Actually, it applies to my own
>operations! Chteau Burbank doesn't get _any_ fruit from the Burbank area.
>It's all from Santa Barbara County at this time, and maybe Napa and Sonoma
>(or other) someday as well.
>Still, that's not the same thing as misappropriating a prestigious place
>name to enhance the cachet of some very inferior crap. If anything, it's
>quite the opposite. Also, my bottle is very clearly labeled to indicate the
>origin of the fruit.

I think it's exactly the same thing.

>In the case of Napa Ridge e.g., I'd bet the appellation indicated is
>"California". That's as non-specific as it's possible to get and still be
>made from California fruit. Typically, that would indicate the San Joaquin
>Valley, which is much better suited to growing raisins, almonds and cotton
>than grapes for table wine.

Sure, but they aren't claiming it is from the Napa Valley AVA.