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"jmcquown" said:

Rona Y. wrote:
"jmcquown" wrote in message
I was given a package of Contadina "fresh" angel-hair pasta. Long
story short, the foreign guy at the store stocked about 6 packages
of it on the shelf along with the dried pasta because he didn't (or
couldn't) read that it said "must be refrigerated or frozen". His
boss is also foreign but is very literate; he was educated in

Your prejudices are showing again...

Not prejudice, simply a statement of fact.

I think Jill's biggest crime is including too much information when she
posts. I told her so in e-mail, and I think she's taking it to heart. I
know her pretty well. I think she's more detail-oriented than prejudiced.
She shops at that store several times a week. I don't think she'd do that
if she had a problem with the people who work there.

Just my 50 cents.