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Dimitri wrote:
"jmcquown" wrote in message
So tonight I'm making angel hair pasta with crab meat and baby
shrimp (both from cans) in a basil cream sauce. Not exactly a pesto
since I have no pine nuts or any other kind of nut (other than
myself) in the house. I only have dried oregano but I do have fresh
parsley and garlic.

I'll drizzle in olive oil to get the basil, parsley and garlic in
the food processor to the desired texture. Then it goes into a pan
with some cream (again to the desired texture). I'll heat this up
gently and add the drained crab meat and shrimp and stir it all into
the drained pasta. I do have fresh Parmesan which I will grate over
the top. I'll garnish with fresh slices of lemon and fresh parsley.
Might add a splash of the lemon to the mixture before I stir it all
together... depends on the way it tastes. Oh, and pepper, of course.

I used to have a handle on life...but it broke off.

If it ain't too late hold the cheese. It can very easily overpower the


It didn't I also added grated lemon zest, sauteed broccoli and carrot to
add colour to the dish. It's delicious! I'll do this again.