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Default Here's what I'm gonna do

I was given a package of Contadina "fresh" angel-hair pasta. Long story
short, the foreign guy at the store stocked about 6 packages of it on the
shelf along with the dried pasta because he didn't (or couldn't) read that
it said "must be refrigerated or frozen". His boss is also foreign but is
very literate; he was educated in England. Luckily they'd stored the rest
of the pasta in the back cooler. To thank me for pointing out the problem,
he gave me a free package pound of the (good) pasta which promptly went into
my freezer.

So tonight I'm making angel hair pasta with crab meat and baby shrimp (both
from cans) in a basil cream sauce. Not exactly a pesto since I have no pine
nuts or any other kind of nut (other than myself) in the house. I only have
dried oregano but I do have fresh parsley and garlic.

I'll drizzle in olive oil to get the basil, parsley and garlic in the food
processor to the desired texture. Then it goes into a pan with some cream
(again to the desired texture). I'll heat this up gently and add the
drained crab meat and shrimp and stir it all into the drained pasta. I do
have fresh Parmesan which I will grate over the top. I'll garnish with
fresh slices of lemon and fresh parsley. Might add a splash of the lemon to
the mixture before I stir it all together... depends on the way it tastes.
Oh, and pepper, of course.

At least I *hope* I can do this. Thunderstorms are moving in and for all I
know at this point I'll be eating cold canned beans for dinner. G

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