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Mike Avery
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Bubba wrote:

Not much of a baker...used several bread machines with good luck but
this weekend I'm going to do my first "real" bread. Have chosen one
of Beard's recipes for a French "style" freeformed bread. I don't
have baking tiles but I do have a cast iron skillet about the size of
New Jersey. How would this fare in place of the baking tiles? Also,
I've made handmade will the "texture" of the dough (when
being kneaded) compare?

Sorry... I didn't answer your questions last time.

I'd just not worry about the tiles the first few times. When the time
comes, I'd suggest unglazed quarry tiles or a professional baking stone,
such as the Fibrament. Don't go with the pizza stones. In my
experience they are fragile and over-priced for what you get. Your
mileage may vary.

As to texture of dough, it should be a LOT softer than pasta dough.
Look for a smooth dough, somewhat sticky that would still rather stick
to itself than you, and somewhat moist. If your dough isn't sticky,
it's too dry. As Beatrice Ojakangas says, dough would rather be a bit
too wet than a bit too dry.

Good luck,