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Mike Avery
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Bubba wrote:

Not much of a baker...used several bread machines with good luck but
this weekend I'm going to do my first "real" bread. Have chosen one
of Beard's recipes for a French "style" freeformed bread. I don't
have baking tiles but I do have a cast iron skillet about the size of
New Jersey. How would this fare in place of the baking tiles? Also,
I've made handmade will the "texture" of the dough (when
being kneaded) compare?

I'll (more or less modestly) suggest you try the recipes on my web
site. I have a pretty painless introduction to baking that uses several
of James Beard's recipes. Around here you'll find a fair amount of
disagreement about James Beard as a baker and teacher of bakers. I
still like him and respect him.

Anyway, try the introduction at It's helped quite a few
people, and I've gotten a number of "thank you" notes for the pages.