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Allen Epps
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> Dana H. Myers wrote:
> > Do you mean 45 degrees or 90 degrees? :-)
> >
> > I had to turn mine 90 degrees - and it works way better.
> >

> Aw man, my bad! 90 degrees is right.
> Rob

Thanks for the suggestion. I broke mine in on some babybacks last
weekend and they turned out great. I used a mixture of Hickory about
twice the size of my fist and "Green Egg" brand lump and the grate temp
went up to about 400 very quickly. I started regulating and the ribs
went on when I got it down to 275. I only had to add charcoal once.
Next weekend a slab of venision ham! I did put some aluminum foil on
the bottom racks to make clean up a little easier