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phyteach wrote:
> I was under the impression that galvanized was the stuff to watch out
> for. Don't they make cookware out of aluminum?
> Could you please describe the dimensions of the flashing between the
> smoker chamber and firebox?
> Thanks a bunch!
> Scott


You might be right on that first point. It's been a while since I did
the mods.

I used the flashing as a radiant heat deflector inside the cook
It's attached to the screw at about the 12 o'clock position that hooks
the firebox and it runs down to about grate level.

Like Dana says, use the lump charcoal. My Wal-Mart doens't carry it
but, my Lowe's carries Cowboy brand. I swear I must be one of two
people that uses lump around here. Everytime I buy it a clerk, cashier,
or customer ask me "Is that stuff any good?" Usually tell 'em "Yeah I
love it, just light it with newspaper." This might cause a local
shortage but, I don't think the Store Manager will mind ordering more.
He owes me BIG time anyway.

Also, if the fire grate in the firebox is running longways (left to
right) along the fire box, turn it 45 degrees so it runs front to back.
Better airflow for the coals. More efficent burn and less ash..