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Dimitri wrote:

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I have no cornstarch. I have no arrowroot. I need something to help
together the filling for steamed (Asian) dumplings. I think flour
too glutinous. Aside from going to the store, any suggestions?


I used to have a handle on life...but it broke off.

Go here and see what you have.

Got any tapioca

Tapioca would probably take too long. I use it in sour cherry pies and it
a good 45 minutes even after partial cooking. Those little dumplings take
a few minutes.

If the answer was yes she could have made tapioca flour.


tapioca starch = tapioca flour = cassava flour = yucca starch = almidon de
yuca Notes: Tapioca is a good choice for thickening pie fillings, since it
thickens at a lower temperature than cornstarch, remains stable when frozen,
and imparts a glossy sheen. Many pie recipes call for instant tapioca
instead of tapioca starch, but instant tapioca doesn't dissolve completely
and leaves small gelatinous blobs suspended in the liquid. This isn't a
problem in a two-crust pies, but the blobs are more noticeable in
single-crust pies. Tapioca starch is finely ground so that it dissolves
completely, eliminating the gelatinous blob problem. The starch is also
sometimes used to thicken soups, stews, and sauces, but the glossy finish
looks a bit unnatural in these kinds of dishes. It works quickly, though,
so it's a good choice if you want to correct a sauce just before serving it.
Some recipes for baked goods also call for tapioca flour because it imparts
a chewier texture. Substitutes: instant tapioca (Also good for thickening
pie fillings. If you like, pulverize the beads in a blender before using.)
OR Instant ClearJel OR sweet rice flour (also remains stable when frozen)
OR cornstarch (doesn't dissolve as easily, separates if frozen) OR arrowroot
(separates if frozen) OR potato starch (separates if frozen) OR rice starch
(separates if frozen) OR instant flour (use twice as much; sauce will be
opaque, not clear; separates if frozen)