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Samartha Deva at
wrote on 3/26/05 7:36

I think you get this wrong.

He uses the old container with remains to grow the starter for the next

I think he described it before what amounts he uses - probably in the
cup or multiples thereof range.

I have to make refreshers of two cups or more, and then put half of that (at
least a cup plus refresher of another cup of flour and water) away in the

How does one make a loaf of bread without extra yeast with only a tablespoon
of starter?

That indeed is what I do. The starter clinging to the container is all I use
to get the next batch of starter going. By having a lot of starter still
fermenting, the leavening time is greatly reduced compared to using only a
few tablespoons of startre that has been out of the fridge for 24 hours or
Only with multiple refreshments or an extra long rising time.

No need to freak.