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> Melba's Jammin' wrote:
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> > (snippage)
> > > I'd forgotten you dislike beets.

> >
> > Darlin', "dislike" doesn't come close.

> Well, you did write "high dislike"... perhaps you meant *high disdain*.

Got me there.

> > > Sheldon is a brat no?

> >
> > At least. :-)

> Um, more like KIELBASA. hehe
> Sheldon

Shame on you! Reminds me of one Easter at my brother's. I was still a
child -- maybe a teen. The kolbasa from Kramarczuk's was on the
premises (did I mention that I buy it in 15" sticks, about 1-1/2"
diameter). I walked past the kitchen door just as SIL Jean wielded one
and said (to the other ladies in the kitchen), "Now THERE'S a man."
She's 83 now and still laughs about it. That and the time she walked in
on Rob when he was in the bathroom (before we were married). She was
fourteen shades of red. Rob just smiled. "-)
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say,'Well, that's not going to happen.'" - Comedian Rita Rudner,
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