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> >>So it's snowing and the temperature is dropping rapidly. That's a
> >>good sign that there won't be any fruit on the trees this year, either
> >>so I'll have to buy fruit for jam. Dang. I don't think we've had a
> >>crop since 1998.
> >>
> >>gloria p
> >>from the Colorado Front Range Arctic

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> >
> > Seriously, start a small fire in a container close to the base of the
> > tree and use a good hard wood, try to keep it burning all night...
> >
> > Run a fan on one side to distribute the heat evenly around the tree.
> >
> > They used to use heaters/smudge pots and large overhead fans in the
> > cherry orchards near where I used to live for just such occasions! :-)
> >
> > Good luck!!!!
> >

> Yabbut that was before the days of Clean Air and the EPA.
> If we lit an outdoor fire our neighbors would call the
> Fire Dept. so fast it woul;d make your head spin.
> gloria p

Well, ok, can you run a small (covered) electric heater with an
extension cord out there safely???


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