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Melba's Jammin'
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> wrote:

> On 2005-03-24, Melba's Jammin' > wrote:
> > The sauce looks thickish -- can I thin it
> > with some red wine (Three Buck Chuck Cabernet).....

> Oh absolutely!!

All righty, then! I'll tell Himself to save some for dinner tomorrow

> I used to have a serious jones for TJ's cioppino. I used to have it
> every Sat night for a couple years. I'd enjoy it with a good bottle
> of CA zinfandel and some SF sourdough bread w/ butter. And yes, the
> sauce will definitely benefit from a little addition of wine. Not too
> much, as it will change the sauce which is quite good on its own. I'd
> go with the merlot as it's not as acidic as the cab.

I'll see if he still has any merlot.

> They also sell it frozen with fish, mussels, and bay scallops already
> included.

I saw it. But it wouldn't have traveled well, I think. :-)
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