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Default Cioppino Simmering Sauce from Trader Joe's

That was part of my haul and I'm thinking of making it up for tomorrow's
supper - Niece Patty may join us, may not.

Do I have to put mussels in it? I could but don't want to spend the

Can I put some tilapia in it (I bought a bunch at Sam's and froze

I'm At the moment I'm thinking shrimps, scallops (frozen and on sale
at Cub this week), and the e tilapia. Is that enough?

The sauce looks thickish -- can I thin it
with some red wine (Three Buck Chuck Cabernet) or tomato juice or
turkey broth? I might have a light riesling around. Would I get fired
if I used that?

I'm thinking Italian bread from Brianno's to accompany.
What say ye? I await your counsel and advise.
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