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Ariane Jenkins
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On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:44:05 -0500, Nancy Young > wrote:
> "Damsel in dis Dress" > wrote in message
> ...
>> "Fudge" >, if that's their real name, wrote:
>>> Mark 8 April on your calendar trendsetters. This is the day Prince
>>>Charles of the House of Windsor marries his beloved Camilla.

>> <Damsel vomits and kills this thread>

> Why? It's about time the idiots stood up for themselves and
> said I'll marry who I want to. Honestly. The whole thing has
> been ridiculous from day one. Does Charles actually think
> being king really means a witches fart anymore?
> Marry the woman already.

I'd have to agree, Nancy. Considering what scandals previous English
royals got up to, anything that's happened in the last several decades (the
whole Charles/Camilla thing included) seems rather tame to me!

Besides, the OP's post is a perfectly legitimate and on-topic query. It
made me wonder what they eat too, I bet it's good. But I haven't heard
anything about the menu, unfortunately. A quick Google only revealed a vague
description of the reception:

"...formal, but low-key, with guests enjoying canapes at a catered buffet
likely prepared by the Queen's kitchen staff."

Maybe they'll include grape jelly/chili sauce meatballs. >


P.S. To the OP, some semi-pertinent information, just for curiousity!

Another description of food from a royal wedding (Prince Edward to Miss
Sophie Rhys-Jones:

"The food for the evening was being prepared jointly by the Royal Kitchens
and London-based caterers Rhubarb Food Design. A selection of hot and cold
canapes was followed by a self-service buffet dinner, for which guests were

The menu was prepared by Royal Chef Lionel Mann and included coulibiac
(smoked haddock baked with rice and mushrooms in pastry), beef stroganoff,
and a selection of vegetables and salads, with fresh raspberries for

And Princes Charles' own line of organic food products:

Former royal chef to Queen and Princess Diana, w/link that has recipes