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Nancy Young
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"Virginia Tadrzynski" > wrote

> Pablum and milktoast to be sure. I just read an article the other day
> that
> if Charles had been half the man he touted himself to be, he would have
> stood up to his parents, the Parliment and the other naysayers and married
> Camilla when he first 'fell in love', even if it meant doing what good ol'
> great uncle Eddie did and renounce the crown. Diana may have actually
> then
> been able to marry for love and not have been the sacrificial virgin the
> crown demanded and she may still be alive today, Diana, Charles and ol
> Rottie happy.
> He lacked the ******** to do what was right. Why celebrate now. Maybe
> for
> a present we can send him an order of mountain appears he
> might just need a good set of balls.

What she said! Grow a spine, you idiot.