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Doug Kanter
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"spamtrap" > wrote in message

>>>It does NOT matter how often your guests eat other beans. Your conclusion
>>>that "there wouldn't be any problem" is based on air. Go ahead with your
>>>plans, but have another side dish ready in case you see people avoiding
>>>the black beans.

>> This is news to me. I love black beans, and have never seen anyone
>> avoid them.

> I have to wonder if this is some type of twisted racial slur. A bean is
> pretty much a bean. Why would he state "I wasn't clear about this. I know
> people who eat beans 10 times a week. Kidney beans, pinto beans, fava
> beans, navy beans, all kinds. They get VERY nasty reactions to black
> beans." if not for a some ethnocentric reason? It's not like black beans
> are poisonous or anything.

Oh boy. You must have a few lawyers on retainer, "just in case". :-)

Did I err by not being very specific when I said "I know people"? Here you
go: A vast extended Puerto Rican family, in Puerto Rico, who revel in the
fact that beans are a huge part of their traditional cooking. I'm talking
about something like 75 people, all of whom I first met at a family party.
Since food is a common subject at almost ANY party, anywhere, quite a few of
them asked if I'd been to PR before (I had) and if I enjoyed the cuisine. I
mentioned having fallen in love with black bean soup when I visited PR as a
kid with my parents. At least a half dozen people said black beans caused
them quite a bit of gastric distress (cramps, not just "more gas"). These
were not people with unusual health problems or anything. A couple were

As far as whether they're poisonous, nobody said that. However, if you think
they're just like a kidney bean or navy bean in a different color, we will
excuse you for having been playing with yourself during biology classes.
They are genetically different, just like a Cortland apple is different from
an Ida Red apple. Black beans cook differently, they taste different, they
feel different, they smell different.

I like them, but not everyone has fun with them.