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>OK, so if you saw the claim that 80 percent of Turkish is no more and
>it has been wiped off the Turkish language since 1920, and you believe

>then who am I to try and convince you that this is a grossly

>The earth is flat, after all, isn't it and the sun rotates around the

Are you saying that is lying? As far as I can tell they are

>OK you say that I rely too much on the origin of words used in naming

>dishes. But of course I am. How else would all these Turkish words

come to
>be used in naming the variants of these dishes?

Yes, but there are two problems with this:
First, Greeks spoke some Turkish during the occupation to get around.
It is entirely possible these "Turkish" names are corrupted Greek
words, like Ismir, Ispanak, Instanbul etc.
If these dishes were Turkish in their present form, you'd find them
everywhere Turanics live, and that's not the case.

>True, we are all humans and we are all brothers. Also true that ethnic

>divisions can eventually lead to conflicts. That's why we have to
>concentrate on what unites us rather than what divides us. It is not

>ethnic divisions that can lead to conflicts.

That sounds fine in a hippie kinda way until Muslim girls decide they
want to wear a headscarf in a French school..... then you'll have
conflict and it's only the beginning.
Look, the world is full of cultural conflicts. It's fortunate that it's
not always armed conflict, but certain cultures prevail and others
disappear. You can find hardly anything of the Japanese culture
remaining in Japan today. The Chinese are even more ferocious in
adopting western ways. The west is really pushing hard its way of life
to the Middle East today, and the response is mixed.

>What about religious divisions?
>The sectarian wars in Europe come to mind here. What about tribal and


Most of the time economics are the root cause. You don't see the US
bombing the Saudis..... do you? Neither do you see documentaries about
how prisoners are mistreated in Saudi Arabia nor there no big outcry
about human rights in that kingdom

>Europe is to this day very much a racist society despite or maybe
>because of long, long wars between European antagonists that

culminated in
>WW1 and WW2 and which didn't really come to an end as WW2 was soon

>by the Cold War which itself is not quite over yet.

Well, the term racist has been thrown around so much, I really don't
even know what it means anymore. Racist this racist that...blah blah
blah. You have many different dynamics in European politics and saying
they are racist would be trivializing it.

Wars in Europe too were primarily caused due to economics. England and
France fought bitterly over and over, but now they don't care for that,
mostly because they have a pretty good living. You're much less likely
to be a militant if you've got a lot to lose. If you got nothing to
lose on the other hand..... you get my gist.
Anyway, it's a complex issue.....but if you and some other Turks here
think Europe is racist, why does your govt try so hard to get admitted
to the EU? It seems masochistic to me